So the weather seems to be warming up, and my wardrobe is desperate for a SS19 refresh! Since changing jobs, I suddenly have much more flexibility when it comes to what I can wear day in day out, but for whatever reason, I'm finding it really difficult to put any outfits together that I particularly like... as you can imagine, it's very annoying.

I've been endlessly scrolling Instagram for inspiration, and then trawling through the new in sections of all of my favourite websites, to put together some ideas for how to rework my wardrobe come payday. I thought I'd put this page together so that all my thoughts are in the one place, the theory being that I'll be less likely to make stupid purchases and instead I can refer back to here to make sure whatever I'm buying is on track with what I'm loving on other people at the moment. I'll try and keep it updated as and when I see things I like, so check back for more inspiration!


So I'm spotting a couple of trends in the 15 items I've selected as being the best of the high street right now. Clearly, I'm loving neutrals, but one thing I've struggled with is styling them for this unpredictable Spring weather. In my previous role, I was always concerned about wearing light coloured clothing because I could've been required to clean cars at any time, and I was always brushing up against dirty cars, so I never added anything like it to my wardrobe. Looks like it's time to pick up some neutral coloured items for my bottom half and give it a go...

When it comes to footwear, I've always struggled with the comfort vs style dichotomy. Throw in the fact that it's likely to rain at any given second, choosing shoes in the morning is an important consideration right now. I already own numerous pairs of ankle boots, but I seem to have developed some sort of addiction and there are a couple of pairs I'm dreaming of buying at the moment. I've also earmarked a lot of summer shoes, in a variety of colours and patterns, ready for the better days of Spring weather. The ones I have in my wardrobe from previous years are starting to look a little ropey anyway, so it's probably time to purchase some upgrades.


Entirely predictable selection of accessories, even if I do say so myself. Give me Missoma everything, gold jewellery galore, macrame bags and more or less any style of sunglasses and I'm a very happy girl. I tried my hand at a macrame wall hanging the other day, and although it's time-consuming I actually really enjoyed it, so I'm thinking about having a go at making some sort of bag. I love the red Topshop one from this selection, so I might buy some slightly thicker cord and give it a go!

Are you following me on Instagram yet? I post lots of fashion content on there, so click through to see how I'm styling what I do already have in my wardrobe!

Laura xx

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