Whether you've stumbled across my blog accidentally, or you're a legacy reader, hi, my name's Laura, I'm 26 years old, and living in the fine city of Norwich. I've lived here since 2011 when I moved to start university and as is often the way when it comes to Norwich, I'm still knocking around.

In May 2016 I decided to start a blog - my university friends had long moved away, I was obsessively reading other people's blogs and watching their YouTube videos and thought it would be a good way to meet like-minded people. Over the years I've dabbled in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and just about every other topic going, and been fortunate to work with some amazing brands, but it's only recently that I've identified what exactly I want to be writing about: fuss-free living.

I like to keep things very simple, 95% of the time. I like my food to be healthy and easy, and my fashion to be on trend, but simple. Basically, everything as fuss-free as possible and so that's what this blog will be from now on! If you're here, hopefully you're thinking along the same lines and you're itching to get started - I'd LOVE to have you come along for the ride.


If you'd like to contact me for any reason, you can reach me at laurastaffordsmith@outlook.com or I'm always up for a chat on Twitter and Instagram at @lstaffordsmith!


Please note that whilst I do not use pop-ups or sidebar advertising, I do feature sponsored posts on my blog, Instagram and YouTube channel from time to time. In the interests of transparency, these will be denoted by the use of #ad across all channels.

I do also use affiliate links occasionally, which means that if you click through the link I will receive a tiny amount of commission. Rest assured, it won't cost you any extra, and you are under absolutely no obligation to use the link! Deleting your cookies will resolve this problem if you don't wish to use the link.

I only work with brands I love and would genuinely recommend in real life. The same goes for any gifts I receive from PRs and all opinions therefore remain entirely my own.


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