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A couple of weeks ago I received an email out of the blue from Matalan*, inviting me to go and check out their newly-refurbished store and some of their new season pieces for a bit of a good old fashioned trolley dash!

I've always been a fan of Matalan, from way back when I used to live in Essex and I was still living at home. In recent years though, I'd tended to swerve the Norwich store in favour of shopping on the website, heavily influenced by Hannah Gale's style, as the Norwich store wasn't the prettiest before the refurbishment and so I often struggled to find anything I liked.

After my trip the other day though, it's a totally different story. We were very kindly gifted £50 in vouchers, but I could easily have spent triple that amount. Not only did I fall in love with loads of their clothing pieces (which are very reasonably priced by the way) but I was totally blown away by their homeware. In the Norwich store, the whole section looks very beautiful, but they also seem to have massively stepped up their homeware game generally, and there are some stunning pieces in there which gave me some serious vibes. There's an actual cushion wall, genuinely, and again, everything was really reasonably priced, but the quality was so great.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pieces from their new in styles. I've stuck to fashion in this post, but I did also pick up some homeware while I was there (and on a subsequent visit), so I might put together a similar post with some of my favourite interior picks. Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in!

One of the pieces I did actually pick up on the day, and have been wearing to death ever since is the Voila slogan sweatshirt. It was £12 and is the softest sweatshirt ever. I've no shame in admitting that I'd first seen it on Hannah Gale, and it was therefore on my radar before I even stepped foot inside the store; naturally I made a beeline for it as soon as I noticed it.

I also picked up a striped yellow shirt. What I particularly loved about it was how oversized it is as one of my favourite ways to wear a shirt is half un-tucked and half tucked into a pair of skinny jeans. If you didn't already know, yellow also just to happens to be my favourite colour so of course that went straight in my basket, for want of a better phrase.

One of the things that surprised me most was the range of accessories and bags on offer. I kid you not, there are walls and walls of bags; I fell in love with a straw bag which gave me some serious Gucci-vibes but sadly I can't find it on the website. I didn't pick it up on the day because I haven't really started buying summer clothes yet, but I'm thinking I might pop back in and get it as it was only £14 and I really want it, basically. Other favourites though were a pink polka dot hair scrunchie (v. v. cute), some zebra print resin earrings and a straw circle bag - no prizes for guessing what textures I'll be wearing come spring/summer.

Talking of Gucci-vibes, I also picked up a pair of trainers with a side stripe and star detail. I've always had a bit of a thing for stars, and a new pair of white trainers have been on my list for a while, so it was pretty much an instant decision. They're so comfortable it's genuinely my first consideration when I'm putting an outfit together in the morning whether I can put something together that means I can wear the trainers! I did also love Matalan's chunky trainers, but I managed to restrain myself and come away with just the one pair.

Now that Harv and I have booked a holiday, I've been having another browse through the website for potential holiday clothes and I'm a BIG fan of some of their summer offerings. I especially love this striped midi skirt, these lace up espadrille platform sandals, a gorgeous shell tassel textured beach bag and a really lovely leopard print maxi kimono, which I think would just look stunning in the South of France!

I could honestly list product after product, as there's so much I've fallen in love with, but you'd probably rather just head over to the website and have a look for yourself so I'll leave it there! Thanks Matalan for inviting me down to check out the store! x

* This post was written in collaboration with Matalan who very kindly gifted me vouchers to spend in their store. As always, however, all opinions remain my own, and are entirely honest and unbiased. 


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