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I can't be the only person sitting here in April wondering where on earth this year is going? I swear time is just totally flying and as crazy as it sounds to be saying it on a dreary April morning, that means that summer is just around the corner. I'm getting to the age now where a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married, and this year I've got two weddings to go to, which is so exciting but means I need to start thinking about what I'm going to wear!

Step forward ANGELEYE.

I'll be totally honest and admit that before these guys reached out to me, it wasn't a brand I'd ever heard of, but it turns out they have some absolutely dreamy dresses, which would be perfect for spring/summer weddings! 

The first wedding I'll be attending this year is in June, and from what I've heard thus far, it's giving me all of the garden party vibes, so making sure my outfit fits the botanical brief is key. I wanted my outfit to be comfortable, feminine and just a little bit sexy, so I picked up this beautiful navy floral maxi dress from ANGELEYE. 

It has a keyhole design and slits at the front, so it looks absolutely dreamy when there's a slight breeze as there's plenty of movement at the base of the dress. Trying to shoot photos of this outfit on a very windy, very drizzly day in March however was not ideal, and I narrowly avoided many a Marilyn Monroe moment taking these images in what turned out to be a bit of a wind tunnel. 

On the actual day (if I've managed to save wearing the dress until then!), I plan to wear it with some gorgeous tan tie-up wedges, a healthy dose of fake tan and either a straw bag, or a Cult Gaia inspired bamboo clutch but I wanted to shoot it with some different accessories to prove just how versatile a piece it is for your wardrobe. The dress retails at £60 which is a bargain for a wedding guest dress anyway, but when you think about the other possibilities for styling it, the cost per wear would end up much lower.  

In terms of other ways of styling the dress, for the colder months of Spring, it would look absolutely grand with some chunky lace up boots and a black jumper over the top. When the weather starts to warm up, you absolutely can't go wrong with some tan sandals and a straw hat! I'm such a summer baby, so I'm super excited to style this one out and pick up some new complementary accessories.

If floral patterns aren't your thing, there are so many other styles and patterns on the ANGELEYE website to check out. I'm currently obsessed with maxi/midi styles, and ANGELEYE were kind enough to send me their burgundy polka dot wrap midi dress, which would also be perfect for a summer wedding. Annoyingly, I seem to have lost all of the photos I shot of that dress with Harv, so I'll have to shoot them again so you can see how gorgeous the dress is in real life. I wanted to get this post up in the meantime though, so I'll post a separate one with the other dress once I manage to shoot again on a day when it's not tipping down with rain! 

Thanks for reading, 

Laura x

This post was written in collaboration with ANGELEYE who very kindly gifted me two dresses. As always, however, all opinions remain my own, and are entirely honest and unbiased.  

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