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My bed has always been one of my most favourite places in the world; never more so than since I've been working with Panda.

The bed frame itself is very standard, but the mattress topper and pillows were a very kind (and very much loved!) gift from previous partnerships with Panda, and so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got an email from them just before Christmas asking if I wanted to try out their brand new Cloud Duvet. #nobrainer

I'll be honest in saying that my first impressions were mixed. I've always had super thick, heavy duvets, so I was a bit surprised by how lightweight the Cloud Duvet was. It is, however, the softest duvet I've ever touched, and of course was adorned with their super cute Panda logo. Needless to say it went straight on my bed as soon as it was out of the packaging.

I am very pleased to report that my concerns about the duvet being so lightweight were totally unfounded. Because, like all of their other products, the Panda duvet cover is made out of bamboo materials, the duvet regulates temperature, meaning that you stay warm in winter and cooler in summer. Whilst I can't vouch for it keeping me cool in summer just yet (will this winter ever end?!), it has most definitely kept me warm throughout the winter and hasn't left me feeling suffocated under the weight of all my bedding as it's so lightweight.

Something I'm particularly keen on is the fact that the duvet cover is naturally antibacterial and therefore uninhabitable to dust mites and fungi. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but the material does feel absolutely heavenly against my skin, and I sleep a lot easier knowing I don't have to worry about being nipped by any nasty little friends in the night.

Top tip: treat yourself to a little leg hair removal before you get into bed, grab a good book, light some candles, snuggle down underneath your Panda duvet and you'll guarantee yourself an absolutely great night's sleep. Just don't forget to blow those candles out before you drift off!

All in all, an absolutely dreamy duvet. I apologise for how awful that pun was, but you get the gist and I couldn't resist. There is categorically nothing negative that I have to say about Panda's newest offering; it truly does make me feel like I'm on cloud nine, and has somehow managed to make me fall even more in love with bedtime than I already was. I also tend to be later to work these days, but I just can't tear myself away. There are worse problems to have I suppose!

Thanks again Panda for being so incredibly generous and gifting me the Cloud Duvet to try out. As always, my review is a totally honest one, and if you have any specific questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Sweet dreams!



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