I'd love a Loewe Puzzle Bag, but this Warehouse dupe will definitely do (for now).

It started with Lizzie Hadfield (@shotfromthestreet) in 2017, but I became well and truly obsessed with the Loewe Puzzle Bag last year, thanks to Emma Hill (@emmahill) and Judith.

Unlike Lizzie and Emma, however, my bank balance won't quite stretch to £1,725+ for a new bag, and so a high street alternative is a must. I have to confess that I stumbled across this particular bag completely by chance whilst I was compiling my Christmas list for 2018 - when it gets to the end of November, I start scouring the internet as though it were the modern day Argos catalogue, pinning far too many suggestions on a secret Pinterest board for Harvey to refer to and distribute amongst family and friends.

Bags are something I have no shortage of, and so I was very dubious that Harvey would agree to buy me a new bag for Christmas, or suggest one to a family member. The whole point of the very excessive Pinterest board is that I don't get everything on the list, so there was a distinct possibility that the bag might never have been mine. Oh, the drama.

When I asked for the bag as a Christmas gift, it was already in the sale. It is now £12 on the Warehouse website, and I love it so much I'm genuinely considering ordering another as they're so cheap. In my head I know that's absolutely outrageous so I probably won't, but one thing you should know about me is that I cannot resist a bargain, so who knows what might be arriving at my front door any time soon...

So let's cut to the chase. I'm very aware that side by side, the bags are not particularly alike. Separately though, I think there are a lot of similarities. Kinda like non-identical twins. Do you follow?

I think it's the patchwork design element on the corners of the bag which gives me Loewe vibes. I do wish that Warehouse had taken that slightly further so it was less of a 'safe' option, but when the bag is full, it sits so nicely that I can forgive them. If you're interested in picking the bag up, I'll leave it linked below, and I'd recommend that the best way of filling it so it sits most like a Puzzle Bag is to stuff it with a scarf. Not overly glamorous or even that practical but this time of year, I usually go out with a scarf anyway, which I then have to ditch in a bag when I get too hot or my hair gets too knotty.

(Side note: does anyone else get super-tangly hair when you wear a scarf with your hair down? It drives me crazy and I just don't know if there's a way around it that I've been oblivious to for the last 26 years. If so, you know what to do.)

Anyway, given that it's so cold (and going to get colder apparently) this is the perfect option. Tan goes with absolutely everything, it has a shoulder strap or can be hand held and there's a surprising amount of space for storage. Oh, and it's only £12. What's not to love? Well done Warehouse.

Photos: Harvey Easter/Shelley Beth

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