We're going to Ibiza...(sharing some holiday snaps)

   ...the quiet part though, don't worry.

A sentence I found myself saying to literally each and every single person we told. If you know me or you know Harvey, you'll know we're not big partygoers and the idea of going out in San Antonio and getting back the following morning (after sunrise) verges almost on some sort of hell. I'd do it for a long weekend (at a push) but I'm someone who needs my sleep; give me a few drinks, Harvey and somewhere beautiful to wander and I'm your girl. 

We booked Ibiza months ago, as our first 'proper' holiday together, nearly six years into our relationship. We've been to Barcelona for a long weekend, and spent another weekend in Bruges, but as far as sun, sea, sand, swimming pools and all inclusive food and drink went, Ibiza was a first.

We stayed at the Sandos El Greco hotel in Portinatx, which I literally couldn't fault in any way. Absolutely everything was spot on, from the drinks selection (my blood on that return flight was probably about 50% Amstel Radler and 50% Aperol Spritz), the ridiculous variety of food available for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the modernity and size of the bedroom. We were all inclusive and so ate like absolute pigs all week; by the end of the week I was craving a normal sized, non-buffet style meal, and I think Harvey probably was too. 

So yeah, we stayed in a v. v. small resort called Portinatx which I have to admit was smaller than I'd probably expected. I'm talking a 5-10 minute walk in either direction outside of the hotel. It was quite literally stunning (there's nothing quite like the Ibizan sunset) so I took about 5000 photos a day; I won't bore you with all of them, but I couldn't resist sharing just a few.

A couple of days into the holiday, we hiked to the lighthouse at the furthest northern point of the island; it wasn't a long hike, but it was crazy hot. I'm one of those people who gets nervous being about a metre away from the edge of a long drop, so you can imagine the heart palpitations when we had to scale up and down what felt like very steep mountain sides, and navigate pathways no wider than my shin in 30+ degree weather.

Later that day I decided to finally start trying to get a tan on my back as well as front. BIG MISTAKE. Genius over here managed to fall asleep, and for the first time in my life got prickly heat rash. Yeah, glamorous... Annoyingly I spent the rest of my holiday swapping between sunshine and the air conditioned confines of our hotel room. The room was great. The heat rash? Not so much.

Anyway, the point of this post was really just to document the fact that the holiday happened. I always wanted this little corner of the internet to be a place to remember nice things that happened as well as to talk about fashion/beauty/lifestyle things. I have this image of me turning on an ancient computer in about 20 years time to show my kids the blog I once wrote. I don't imagine they'd be that interested in fashion of the late 2010's, but they might want to google Portinatx, and see what I saw.

Who knows...

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