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If you're anything like me, no matter how warm it is outside, years of getting goosebumps when everyone else is wearing summer dresses and shorts will have you leaving the house with layers upon layers. There's every chance you've also have spent hours and hours over the years trawling the internet searching for things like 'black hoodie womens', 'cosy oversized jumper' and 'summer knitwear'.

Well if that's you, trust me when I say I feel your pain, and we are most definitely not alone. Summer in England these days seems to be mostly lukewarm, punctuated by the occasional week of brilliant sunshine and bare leg weather. Dressing for the former is not my forte in the slightest. Somehow, despite being obsessed by the weather apps on my phone, I always manage to be overdressed on the hot days and under dressed on the colder days; you'd have thought I'd have got this covered by now, being nearly 26, but alas, I've had no such luck.

So I've been all about the layering this year, and for once, I've picked up a neutral piece instead of the usual black jumper I've opted for in past years. It's incredibly cosy, very versatile and it's unisex so if, like me, you love wearing oversized (read: your boyfriend's) jumpers around the house, it's perfect.

I've never really been a huge sportswear/streetwear kinda girl, but I'm low key obsessed right now with sweaters and ugly trainers. There are so many nicce (sorry, couldn't help myself) varieties of these jumpers on the NICCE London website, I feel a little bit like a kid in a candy shop; come Autumn I think I'll check out one of their hoodies as I'm a big fan of hoodies and long-line coats with jeans on the weekend. It's definitely a brand I'll go back to, as I love how luxurious the sweatshirt feels, and the slogan branding is always on point.

Question is, do I go all out on the trend and get the ugly trainers too? I'm really feeling the sweater, pleated midi skirt and ugly trainer vibe lately and the beauty of having picked such a neutral colour is that I could literally pair it with any other colour. Which obviously means that you could too... Found a bright red polka dot midi skirt you love? Boom. Invested in off-white denim dungarees this season? First things first, I'm ultra jealous, but I also feel like that's a winning combination. I was digging the black dungaree vibe, but a pair of off-white dungarees/cropped wide leg jeans would be next level. No prizes for guessing what my next google search addiction is going to be...

Photography by Shelley Beth

* This post was sponsored by NICCE London, who also very kindly gifted me the sweatshirt. As always, all opinions remain my own honest, and unbiased thoughts. 

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