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I love picnics. What could be better than putting together a spread of amazing, fresh and healthy food, packing it into a basket with some refreshing (probably alcoholic, let's be real) drinks and heading to a park or the beach to sit on a blanket in the sun with friends, and gorge yourself on food. That to me sounds like heaven, made better only by the prospect of playing a few games afterwards. Rounders is a particular favourite, as it gets everyone involved, and makes me feel like I'm a teenager again. Wishful thinking is a wonderful thing isn't it?

The weather of late has been glorious, and it looks like it's set to last which is music to my picnic-loving ears, but as always for me, prompts the question, what to wear? There's nothing worse than picking an outfit you constantly need to readjust, or you feel uncomfortable playing games in afterwards, so I feel like it's an important consideration. My absolute go-to is a jumpsuit or playsuit, and so I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourites on the high street right now, starting (obviously) with the one I'm wearing in these photos.

I love this playsuit for many, many reasons. First and foremost, it's linen, so in terms of dressing for the sometimes unpredictable English weather, it's a winner. Secondly, it's actually ~very~ roomy, so if like me you do eat virtually your entire body weight in food as a routine when it comes to picnics, it's quite positively dreamy. Finally I feel very comfortable wearing it, which is ultimately the main thing, right? It's navy so any spillages won't bring your sartorial credentials into question, the shorts are a good length so you can sit cross-legged, but also not so long you feel like a schoolboy, and the statement buttons give me life. Do you need me to continue?

If you're feeling a little braver than me, I also found another little gem on the Warehouse* website when I recently spent virtually an entire evening in an internet shopping black hole. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it's sold out now but picture this: it was an off-white, linen(!!) culotte jumpsuit, with statement buttons the same as the one I eventually opted for instead. Dreamy right? Well here's a link to something similar from New Look. You can thank me later...

If colour is more your thang, ASOS (as per) have lots to offer. This playsuit from Boohoo has given me all of the festival vibes, and whilst I'm not usually a fan of the one statement shoulder/one shoulder strap kind of look, this would be absolutely ideal for a picnic as that additional strap adds security and peace of mind.

Back to jumpsuits, and in at number four is this one from MANGO. I've picked this as it looks a little warmer and could very easily be layered up if/when the weather turns. It's not just great for summer layering either, as I could picture this worn with a black polo neck come autumn, obviously with a berry-toned lip. I won't mention that season again for a while though, sorry everyone.

And last, but by no means least, I got pulled back to the Warehouse website. If you've known me for a while, you'll know I adore a bit of leopard print. In fact, my all-time favourite pair of shoes are a pair of leopard print courts, which don't get out too much as I don't want to ruin them - is that a bit tragic? Anyway, back to jumpsuits and my final option is this gorgeous little number which is just everything. That print, that ring detail, that neckline - everything about this jumpsuit is ticking boxes for me, especially in the day-to-night outfit stakes. It also looks pretty loose and flowing, so there'll be so much room for activities.

Basically I'm v. v. excited that picnic season is here. I might pop a round up of some of my favourite picnic recipes up on the blog soon if that would interest anyone? A bit of a picnic series perhaps, although I'm not sure if that's more for your benefit or mine so I can make nice food, photograph it, and then eat it...

* This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own. 

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