In what has been a rather challenging set of personal circumstances lately, I've been taking all of the little victories in life wherever I can find them, and so when I stumbled across this tee on ASOS for £9.99 I think my heart genuinely skipped a beat.

It's yellow, and it's a slogan tee, and honestly there's not a great deal else I can say to describe the t-shirt; fundamentally, it does what any other t-shirt does, but it makes me feel so much brighter than your average grey, white or black tee. Apart from the actual day Spring started, the weather has been gloomy AF of late, as has my mood; I've never had a diagnosis of SAD, but I would bet a lot of money that it is something I suffer from and so this t-shirt has been doing me the world of good.

If you've never felt this way about an item of clothing, you probably think I'm a total loony (and to some extent you'd be right) but it's proving to be so versatile, and I've been wearing it a lot. I actually threw this outfit together on a total whim, and in a blind panic on the morning of a shoot with Laura and Shelley but it's turned out to be one of my favourites. Sadly, the shoes gave me the mother of all blisters, despite never having done so in all the months I've worn them thus far, and so now I'm waiting on some warmer days so I can start stepping into sliders again.

For some reason, when I look at this outfit, I get serious 70s vibes ~ perhaps it's the fringe ~ and I have been digging it. I've fallen into a serious rut lately, and items of clothing that make me feel 'cool' have been few and far between, hence the lack of blog content! I seem to have spent literal hours scrolling through ASOS only to find nothing that inspires me (except this tee, obv...). If the weather is starting to change now, hopefully that will too.

I asked on Instagram earlier for some recommendations for other websites to check out. A couple of people recommended MANGO which has been a long time favourite, but always forgotten about, so I'm going to head on over and see what takes my fancy. Instagram is always a great source of inspiration, so perhaps I'll pop a post up soon about my favourite fashion influencers just in case you feel the same way about this awkward end-of-winter-almost-spring rut situation.

How does that sound? I get the feeling it's one of those blog posts where I kid myself that I'm doing you a favour, but we all know it's actually mainly for me...

Either way, have a terrific day, whatever you're up to!


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