The trees are full of blossom, and it's officially peony season. This time of year is a blogger's dream come true, and I for one intend to embrace florals in every possible way over the next few weeks. Looking outside as I write this post, and probably as you read it, you could actually be forgiven for thinking you'd fallen into a coma and woken up in October - it is MISERABLE out there - but here's hoping a dose of spring florals can brighten up even the bleakest of days. 

I shot this set of photos last weekend with the wonderful Katie. Mid-shoot she completely floored me by asking how I would describe my style. Although I love all things fashion, it's not a question I've actually ever asked myself, so my response was something along the lines of 'kind of feminine, kind of edgy, love jeans and ankle boots in winter, blah blah blah...". Not a particularly concise description but it did get me thinking because actually, as it turns out, I like to dabble in a variety of different styles. 

When JOY contacted me a couple of weeks ago and offered to gift me something from their women's clothes range, this dress stood out to me immediately. I'm a huge fan of midi dresses, loved the floral design and thought the blue would compliment my skin tone and blonde hair. Instantly I knew it would also work perfectly with a straw/basket bag and tie-up espadrille wedges combo, for a smart-casual, spring/summer appropriate vibe. (The elasticated waistband on the back is also very useful if like me, you're really into your food but still want to look shapely.)

If you've followed my blog, or me on social media for a while, you'll know I don't actually own a lot of floral pieces, as I tend to fall into the school of thought whereby I find them too busy and too difficult to pair with anything else; I'm not really into clashing patterns so I often keep it simple. I'm not sure why it's never crossed my mind to embrace them all over in this way, but I am absolutely loving the feminine, floaty, spring vibes I get every time I wear this. I've actually got my eye on a couple of other floral pieces now as a result, so watch this space if you're a fan of the florals. As you can see I've paired it with heeled espadrilles so it's a little dressy (actually makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland when I wear it with these!) but it would also look amazing with trainers for a super relaxed vibe, or dressed up with a pair of nude heels. If you were feeling particularly brave, and just so happened to own a pair of red or yellow heels, they would set off and really exaggerate the colours in the flowers perfectly. Failing that, there are some amazing brightly-coloured bags on the high street right now which would also work a charm. 

Checking over the photos in this post before publishing, I've been reminded that there's one more thing I've failed to mention. 


And if you're anything like me, you'll know that's an absolute godsend. No more standing around awkwardly wondering what to do with your hands when you haven't got a bag or drink to hold, and it's the perfect, ready-to-go place to keep your phone, as the pockets are actually a really great size. I'm not convinced that anyone with an iPhone 7/8 plus could quite fit that in the pocket, but I'm pretty sure that's something you just have to come to terms as a given when you opt into the iPhone 7/8 plus club. 

In a nutshell, this dress has it all, and at just £55 I think it's an absolute steal. It's weekend appropriate, wedding appropriate, holiday appropriate. Whatever the event, you could make this dress work with items I guarantee you'll already have in your wardrobe. Now just to start working on the weather again... 

Dress*: JOY | Bag (similar): ASOS | Shoes (similar): Topshop | Necklace: Stilnest
(Gifted items are marked with an asterisk for clarity)


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