Winter boot collection

I am an avid boot wearer. My single biggest pet hate in life is being cold, and so exposing the old ankles (unless it's the height of spring/summer and actually warm) is a bit of a no go for me, hence why you will very rarely see me wearing anything other than boots come autumn/winter.

As much as I love boots, I do actually find it tricky to find the perfect pair, which look great but also don't break the bank. I get bored of things easily (for my sins), so I typically tend to buy them cheap and wear different pairs often. Saying that, I was very surprised to learn I only actually own 8 pairs of boots right now! Definitely means there's room for more though, right?

I actually went to a charity fashion show at Topshop in Norwich earlier in the week, and I've already got my eye on another pair of boots which, believe it or not, are not black. They're in fact pretty much as opposite as you can get from a dark black pair of boots, as they're bright orange and I am living for it. Saying that, I've not tried them on yet so they might not fit properly but I have high hopes, and because they're so brightly coloured, it means I can almost definitely wear them throughout Spring, and maybe into Summer too? Jury's out on that one - sweaty feet is an absolute no go. 

Anyway, here's a little run down of my current collection, featuring Topshop, ZARA, ASOS, Lily Lulu Fashion and a few others. If I buy the orange pair, I'll pop a separate blog post on so you can see what they're like. Where I can, I've left links in the description box to the boots, or similar ones if I can find alternatives, just in case you see something which takes your fancy!


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