Why I won't be weekly vlogging through 2018...

I vlogged every single day of 2017, and I bloody loved it. 

Back in November/December time, I decided I didn't want to weekly vlog through 2018, and I've had a lot of questions as to why I'm not doing it, so I wanted to make a little video to explain. It's very chatty (read: there's probably a lot of rambling), so your best bet is probably to grab a nice hot drink and a blanket and give it a watch. Or you could stick it on in the background while you're cooking, you know, it is actually your choice...

For what is ~I promise~ the final time, I just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to anyone who has watched these vlogs and been so supportive throughout 2017; you guys are absolutely mint. Super shout out to Harvey too, although I know he won't read this, but I probably couldn't have done it without him; he's an absolute diamond. Soppy part over, on to the video...



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