Last minute NYE top outfit tips

Love it or hate it, New Year's Eve is undeniably one of the biggest party events of the year. Whether you're heading to your local for a couple of drinks, spending a glamorous evening consuming Champagne and numerous courses of food, or fitting in some quality time with family and friends, dressing to impress is never too much. 

Although anything goes, NYE dressing can still be a bit of a sartorial minefield. As my New Years Eve's typically tend comprise no more than several drinks at the pub with friends, I don't tend to go all out, but it is nice to add interest to an outfit with the addition of a few key accessories, a slightly different makeup look or by wearing something in a slightly different way.

I'm aware that NYE is now only round the corner, but if you're after a few tips for ways to up your game with things you probably already own, keep scrolling.

    1. Velvet anything. Velvet EVERYTHING. I'll be going for velvet shoes personally, but Megan Ellaby has a fab blog post about a Miss Selfridge velvet suit if that's more your vibe. 
    2. Statement earrings; see earlier blog post. 
    3. If you're keeping your outfit understated, why not go all out on your makeup? I received the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette for Christmas, so I'll be trialling out some of the bolder shades from that on NYE. 
    4. Leather look trousers look great with almost anything, and are pretty ideal for that post-midnight moment when everyone is spilling prosecco/wine/beer over each other in some overenthusiastic attempt to do the Auld Lang Syne dance. One wipe and boom, as if it never happened! 
    5. If standing out isn't really you, tart those nails up with a bit of glitter. If you want to fall squarely on trend, why not tap into the chrome nail trend? Subtle, but a nice nod to the changing of the year. 
    6. Rock a bold lip; dark berry or burgundy add sufficient drama. Just keep an eye out for rogue lipstick on your nose from champagne flutes! 
    7. Apparently burgundy on your lips AND eyes is also a thing... Only a matter of time before you're supposed to sport a horizontal line on your nose too. 
    8. Glossy eyelids; imagine Vaseline on your eyelid kinda vibes. Looks bang on paired with a matte lip. 
    9. A messy up-do never fails to impress, especially paired with sharp tailoring or a high neck dress. 
    10. In contrast, why not slick your hair back into a low ponytail or bun using your favourite (read: your boyfriend's) gel? I'm dying to try this one out, but I'm just not sure whether I'm brave enough! 
    11. Socks and sandals. The more clash the better. 
    12. Dab glitter on your brow bone instead of highlighter; glitter eyeliner could be ideal for precision application. 
    13. BELT UP. Make a statement by adding a bold belt to an outfit you've never worn it with before. This one from ASOS is a winner; you've missed the cut off for guaranteed Next Day Delivery now I think, but chances are you own something similar already.
    14. Put your best foot forward in your brightest, most garish pair of shoes. Pair with a clashing print or an all black outfit for optimum effect. 
    15. Faux fur and all of the sparkle. If you can't wear it on NYE, when can you? 

So there we have the last blog post of 2017. I hope you have a banging New Year's Eve; don't forget your lipstick for top-ups and maybe a swipe of Lipcote if you'll be kissing someone on the stroke of midnight! 

Thanks for reading and watching throughout the year, I can't wait to share with you what I have planned for 2018. 


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