Hello Autumn.

I've never been much of a fan of Autumn and Winter, not being one for the cold and rain, although quite predictably I do love the hot drinks, the build up to Christmas and colours of the leaves in the trees. 

Ever since I started to work from home, however, I find myself very much looking forward to it. On days when it rains and I'm sat inside listening to the sound of the rain drops, I count my lucky stars that I no longer have to go out in such weather unless absolutely necessary, or unless I've made plans. What that does also mean, however, is that when I do decide to leave the house, I go ALL OUT

I've bought and been very lucky to receive a lot of Autumn-appropriate pieces lately, so there'll be a collective haul up on my YouTube channel in due course, but as ever, there are still some pieces I'd love to pick up over the next few months, and so I thought I'd compile a little wish list in case you are after some inspiration yourself. 

So, expect to see autumnal colours, chunky knitwear, over the knee boots and some cracking coats. All of the clichés, of course, and perhaps a surprise or two... 



(L-R: Wool-blend coat (£79.99), Wool coat (£99.99), both H&M)

To tell you the truth, there are not many items of clothing I love more than coats. Probably goes back to me having always hated the cold actually! The coat is one of those pieces I don't think you can have too many of, space-permitting, as each is so very different. I adore both of the coats above; I already have a check coat and so realistically don't need another but I don't have a red coat yet... I think I'm particularly drawn to the entirely red colour combination. Red continues to be having a moment, and I am loving it! 


(L-R: Weekday High Neck Knitted Rib Dress (£40.00), Pull & Bear Chenille Cable Knitted Jumper (£21.99))

(L-R: Weekday Turtle Neck Fluffy Knit Jumper (£40.00), ASOS Jumper With Roll Neck and Textured Stitch (£28.00))

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they will tell you I LOVE knitwear. The thicker the better. 

Now I work from home, I think that's adequate excuse to top up my current collection, given how cold-blooded I am and these are a few of the jumpers I've got my eye on. I'm a particularly big fan of the high neck jumper, and in addition to those above, I'd love to find a bright red jumper with frills and a high neck, but this has so far eluded me. If you've seen one somewhere, help a girl out. I'm contemplating knitting one myself at this rate... 


(L-R: ASOS Lottie Ballet Flats (£20.00), ZARA Combined Flat Over The Knee Boots (£49.99))

(L-R: Dune London Osha Red (£115.00), Ivyrevel Flat Pointed Ankle Boot with Metal Trim (£50.00))

Ankle boots. Knee high boots. Pumps? 

I'm a shoe lover, and shoe hoarder. I can't tell you how many times I've said "that's enough for this year" and lo and behold, yet more boots fill the shelves of my wardrobe. I've tried to switch it up a little this year, so there's some heeled ankle boots, some flat ankle boots, some over the knee boots and some pumps, because you can't beat a good ballet flat can you? I adore the shape of the toe area on these ones, and a total bargain too! 

I can't actually decide which are my favourites - it's between the over the knee boots from ZARA and the Ivyrevel flat pointed boots. Ivyrevel is not a brand I've ever heard of before, but these boots have a startling similarity to the famous Acne boots. Tempting doesn't even begin to cover it... 


(L-R: Topshop Baker Boy Hat (£14.00), ZARA Split Suede Bucket Bag with Chain Detail (£39.99))

The baker boy hat is having a moment in a big way. The more I look at the image above, the more I think the hat looks fab hideous, but then during my endless, mindless scrolls through Instagram, I'm constantly stumbling across gorgeous images of other, more fashionable women wearing them, and rocking them.  I haven't quite made it to the checkout yet, but given how reasonably priced this one from Topshop is, I'd expect to see it on the grid sometime soon. 

I'm not honestly sure what it is that I'm drawn to about this bag. It's not my usual style, and it's not the kind of colour I'd usually go for. Suede is pretty impractical, but gorgeous, and I love the chain detail. I do find ZARA bags a bit hit and miss though, sadly. It irks me (in a big way) that they don't have images of the bags being held by a person on the website, and I've been stung one too many times thinking I've ordered a bag which then turns up and is supersized, or absolutely tiny. Unless this bag shows its face in the ZARA store in Norwich, I think it's unlikely I'll be buying it, but I love it nonetheless. 

And so there you have it, a little Autumn wishlist. Goes without saying that this list is realistically endless, but I'd be surprised if you've even made it this far, so I'll leave it there. If you have got to the end, leave me a comment about which is your favourite item, or something else you're lusting after. I'd really love to know! 


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