25 June - 01 July 2017

WE FINISHED THE OFFICE! And like I said last week, I bloody love it. Still not made all the finishing touches, but rest assured they've been ordered. I can't wait to show it to you all properly.

I did not have a good week at work; as it turned out, I was right in suggesting that Friday may have been the last Friday I would ever leave that office on a Friday. Funny how predictable people can be sometimes isn't it! You'd think I might have been sad about that fact, but in truth, I've been so stressed about the whole situation for such a long time that it felt more like a relief on Friday than anything else. For the first time in my life, I've developed a twitchy eye which gets worse the more stressed I get. A TWITCHY EYE. Not the one whatsoever, and I'm hoping it calms down in due course. Crazy how your body makes you aware of stress though isn't it? 

Perhaps the reason I was so upbeat on Friday afternoon was because I knew I'd be going home to Maggie. Harvey and I were dog sitting for the weekend, and Maggie is such a lovely little thing, so I was incredibly excited to see her. Makes my desire to get a dog even stronger, probably much to Harvey's dislike as he's nowhere near as crazy about dogs as I am. Watch this space...*

OH, nearly forgot. I picked up the best sweet treats from Katie's Cake Box on Norwich Market. The macaron in particular was divine, and I fell in love with the unicorn biscuit. Absolutely Norwich's answer to Biscuiteers; if you haven't been and checked the stand out yet, you know what to do... 


* Probably going to be a very long wait...

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