11-17 June 2017

Bit of a mixed start to the week - the BIG morning-after-the-night-before clean up. I don't think that it's anyone's favourite task, no matter how good it feels to see the mess disappear! Definitely wasn't mine anyway, I was not feeling it whatsoever. 

But after we'd done the cleaning, we drove out to Sheringham again to see my Grandad, and my mum and stepdad who had driven to Norfolk for the afternoon so we could all go for a little afternoon tea. Again, it was so lovely to spend time with family. Having moved to Norwich and settling down here, I do sometimes feel isolated from family, so it's especially nice when they make the effort to come up to Norwich so we can spend these special moments together. 

On Monday, I had a day off work as it was Harvey's actual birthday and we headed into the city for a little shopping and a little lunch a la Rooftop Gardens (again..). It's one of my favourite places to go to in the city, and not just because it's situated right above my office! Anyway we had a really lovely day, so I'll leave it there! Wonder what we'll end up doing next year.. 


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