D R I F T W O O D | Casus Circus

I have never seen the human body do things, or believed the human body to be capable of doing the things I witnessed when I went along to watch Casus Circus perform Driftwood.

Picture the scene: you've done very little research into what Casus Circus are all about, you file into the Norfolk and Norwich Festival Adnams Spiegeltent and there's only a very small stage area, around which the audience are very closely seated. It's nearly dark, and increasingly warm, lit only by circular hanging lights dotted around and one lampshade in the centre of the stage. There is a buzz of chatter which fills the tent, other ticket holders finding their seats, those already in their seats assessing the view before them. The already dim lights dim further, and five performers appear gradually, individually, from the audience, from various different areas; the show begins. 

I want to describe the entire performance in minute detail, it was that good, but I will absolutely not be giving away any spoilers as I think Casus are touring round the country with Driftwood. You know the drill, do yourself a favour and buy some tickets. 

Coming from someone who can't even manage a cartwheel, I'm now considering running away and joining the circus myself, not in the traditional sense, but this modern type of circus. The sheer strength and flexibility of each and every single one of the performers was so inspiring and simply incredible. I'd bought a drink before the show, and I barely touched it throughout as I was on the edge of my seat for most of the performance, daring myself not to take my eyes off of the routine even though I was terrified for their safety at times (once you've seen the show, you'll understand..).  

We really were in touching distance of the stage, and the beauty of being so close was that you could see the sheer effort that goes into each and every element of the show; it's so easy to assume that it's second nature so it becomes easy, and so well rehearsed that nothing ever goes wrong. The reality? It's live, things don't always go to plan, but this was such a professional performance, even mistakes looked intentional! 

All in all, the show was just astounding, completely unique and totally unforgettable. Need I say more?


(I was gifted a ticket for this performance in exchange for review, however my opinion remains honest and unbiased.) 

Katie Bennett
Dylan Evans


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