7-13 May 2017

This will likely seem unbelievably dull to you, BUT I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally have turf in the garden again!! And not just any turf, but really flat, super green, perfect turf. I'm just gonna leave that there I think...

Aside from my sudden love affair with the grass, and hatred for watering it by hand when it doesn't rain, I did a lot of prep work for my mum's fiftieth birthday next week and ate an obscene amount of calories at Zak's!

The end of the week was a significant improvement on the middle section of the week. On Thursday I was back at the Rooftop Gardens for lunch and a long overdue catch up with two very good friends, and on Friday night, Harvey and I made dinner together (not unusual) and then spent the rest of the evening listening to some of my nan's old Motown records, bathed in candlelight whilst we ate chocolates and drank beer and prosecco. I know, we're wild...

Saturday was also lovely. We ran errands, we baked and then we went for a meal with Harvey's family to celebrate him getting his uni results. I couldn't be more proud (I even bought a card!), and it was perfect to be able to spend the whole weekend with Harv for a change instead of spending most of the weekend on my own. To whoever invented annual leave, THANK YOU.



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