14-20 May 2017

After what feels like months of planning and worrying about it, this week finally brought with it my mum's 50th birthday (I'm sure she won't appreciate me saying that on here!). The celebrations lasted for well over a week I think, but my involvement spanned only two of those days, which of course I vlogged. Now I'm so far through this year, I'm getting really excited about the prospect of being able to watch the whole year back in the future, and being able to watch special events like my mum's birthday.

After LOTS of food, some vintage Moet & Chandon which mum has held on to for 10 years and some adrenaline fuelled activity, I headed back to Norwich, where the Norfolk and Norwich Festival was in full swing. Harvey and I were fortunate enough to attend The Story Machine (blog post here) which was a completely new experience for us, but was very enjoyable.

I don't have much to report for the rest of the week, except a cheeky trip to The Wallow, which is one of my favourite places to frequent in Norwich; if you've not yet been, put it on your list. If not for the wine, for the sharing platters - they are to die for!


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