9-15 April 2017

The beautiful weather continued - for a day or so.

This week has been, without a doubt, one of the best for a very long time. My mum and stepdad were holidaying on the North Norfolk coast for the week, somewhere between Holt and Sheringham, and that meant that we were able to dog-sit. My mum has a lot of French Bulldogs, including two puppies; as they're not fully toilet trained yet, that meant they were with us.

It was so much fun! We went on walks with friends and walks with just the puppies, but mostly I loved the constant cuddles and constant affection they gave. In last week's vlog you might've seen that we went to Holkham for an afternoon, and that I absolutely loved it. There had been so many dogs when we went, so I decided it would be nice to take the dogs there too, especially as the puppies had never been in the sea. They were a bit unsure of the waves at first, but by the end of the trip they were loving life, and the sea.

I also managed to catch up with one of my really great friends, Lucy, on Saturday. She's at uni in London and I therefore don't manage to see her that often. When she's back home, she's very busy with family and other friends (understandably) but this time I managed to swing myself a cheeky little visit! She's one of those friends who you can really trust, and who, no matter how infrequently you see each other, nothing changes. The best kind of friend, in other words..


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