19-25 March 2017

Let's go to the beach, beach, let's go get away. (To Sheringham, but let's overlook that small detail for the purposes of the blog post...)

Sounds lame, but I love the beach, any beach. I'm honestly not sure why specifically, but I feel so chilled out at the beach - it's well and truly my happy place. On a whim we drove out to Sheringham, and it was surprisingly sunny and warm in the sun. I had an Instax mini failure, and a Mr Whippy ice cream and it was such a good afternoon. Classic line from me, but if you've never been before, I'd definitely recommend checking it out... 

This was definitely a quieter week than I've been used to in recent times. Cue a certain amount of filler footage; I assembled a new clothes rail, I washed my makeup brushes, I planned outfits, and I worked from home. Exciting right? 

Saturday was good - it was sunny and that meant we were able to get out in the garden and start digging up the grass ready to re-turf in a couple of weeks. Boy, do I live a thrilling life... 

Hoping things pick up next week! 


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