5-11 March 2017

WOW what a busy week! Also an absolutely brilliant week though, as it brought with it the first shows of Norwich Fashion Week. 

I don't like to tout myself as a fashion blogger as I don't seem to find the time to publish much fashion content on this blog, but it's fair to say I do have a keen interest and it's something I want to develop. I've been to NFW shows in the past, but only on a slightly random basis, and generally only 1 show each year. This year I managed to get my hands on some tickets for the Mercedes-Benz Retailer's Show, and on some VIP tickets for the Hair and Makeup Show, sponsored by Dipple & Conway. 

I hope the vlog footage speaks for itself, but both shows were so good, and so professional! I absolutely LOVED the Hair and Makeup Show, which surprised me, truth be told, but there were so many brilliant interpretations of the different themes. Some of my favourites were Hairsmiths, Salon 66 and The Cottage (also, the nightwear the models were wearing in this last collection was amazing!). 

As I'm writing this, NFW has officially concluded, but because I edit and upload vlogs a week in lieu, there'll be more to come in next week's vlog, including the Topshop show, and Fashion Excess. 

Thanks to everyone involved in making the shows such a success // if you want to see/read more about it, there's a whole bunch of photos, film and probably blog posts if you just search Norwich Fashion Week 2017. (The NFW Twitter is probably your best bet for everything in one place!)

Have a good week(end)! 


(Also, pretty much nailed American-style pancakes this week, DEFINITELY worth mentioning...)

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