26 February - 4 March 2017

Seriously where is the year going? How are we in March already? 

This has not been the best week for me! Weeks of early starts and probably not eating properly took their toll, as I managed to catch a cold from Harvey. I am a very bad patient, so I spent a lot of the latter half of the week feeling pretty sorry for myself. 

It was quite a productive week however, and we managed to finish marbling (is that a word?) the kitchen worktops, which now look 1,000,000x better than they did before! Hopefully they'll be sufficiently hard wearing to last a long time, because I LOVE them, probably an embarrassing amount. 

It's been a fairly foodie week this week too, as it was Pancake Day and we hosted a dinner party with Harvey's family on Saturday night. I didn't actually feel that fantastic on Pancake Day, so I just had the one sweet pancake, which is most unlike me, especially given that it also had bananas on! Saturday night was much better - took a bit of a risk as we'd not made any of the dishes before, so we had no idea what they would turn out like. Surprisingly, turned out really well, so I was super happy about that! As always we had a really funny night, one of those where you don't want it to come to an end! 

I can't wait to share next week with you; it's the start of NFW 2017 and I'm particularly excited this year... 



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