19-25 February 2017

An absolutely CRAZY week.

I had such a brilliant start to the week - I went to London with my mum and grandad to see The Jerseys Boys (for the fourth bloody time!) which of course was amazing. We got there at lunch, and saw the matinee performance on the Sunday, so there was time for a spot of lunch and some shopping beforehand. I finally managed to get to an Anthropologie store and get my hands on those coasters, although I ummed and ahhed for ages over which colour to get, and I think I made the wrong choice. Perhaps I'll manage to pick up some more in Bath next month.

I was also lucky enough to get invited to the launch of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival this week. I've never actually been to the festival before, and so it was super exciting to hear all of the amazing events and acts they've got lined up this year. Top of my list? The Museum of the Moon and the VR Playground. Best part? They're both free.

And to top off what was already a great week, it came to an end at Bar and Beyond, Norwich's latest late night offering. I say late, but it's actually open from 5pm, and drinks are 50% off until 10pm every night. Bar and Beyond is on the site of what used to be Chicago's, and although I never went to Chicago's, I imagine the layout is much the same, if you forget about the huge horse hanging upside down inside. #timetoponyup is their thing, although I'm yet to work out what it means?

Harvey finally succumbed to the cold that had been threatening him for a few days on Saturday, so we spent almost the entire day on the sofa. After the manic week of 5:45 alarms and 7:30 shift finishes, it was exactly what we needed.

On to the next one then...



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