12-18 March 2017

You're probably getting bored of reading the same old start to these blog posts, but I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY. Towards the end of the week anyway... 

My first ever pizza from Brick Pizza was the perfect start to the Topshop show during the second half of Norwich Fashion Week. Unfortunately it was eaten in the not so glamorous setting of the benches outside Primark (CLASSY); perhaps my next one will be eaten in a better location. I absolutely loved the Topshop show; I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but it was great. There were some absolute standout pieces for me, including a beautiful bright orange/red D-ring dress. I bought it, obviously, but as I don't have a large enough chest to fill the top half, had to take it back. Sad times. 

Friday night was pretty crazy, a work night out and the NFW fashion excess show. I didn't manage to film a great amount of the show, as I had some technical issues but rest assured it was a good'un. The set up was quite different to the other shows I'd seen, but really good all the same. 

And finally, two nights out in a row (what has happened to me?!) as it was one of my fav's birthdays. She's a blogger, and you can check her out here if you're looking for a new read or something new to watch; Laura is also weekly vlogging right now, and I highly recommend checking those out. Maybe it's because she's my friend, but I do find them bloody hilarious. Anyway, the night out was super fun. I wore new shoes, which were ever so slightly painful (read: they were actually very painful in the ball of foot department which meant I was desperate for a chair and once I'd found one I did not move from it in case someone else took it). 



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