12-18 February 2017

 A much better week than last week, this one was memorable for all of the right reasons.

In particular, I wanted to mention the event that I was invited to attend on Friday night at U and Your Skin in Norwich.* I've had facials in the past, but I am in no way experienced or knowledgeable when it comes to facials and skin care. I've also had skin complaints in the past, and even to this day I suffer as a result of my genetics (and probably my diet a bit too, if we're being honest!). Whenever I've had a facial previously, it's been lovely of course, but not particularly informative. A million miles away from the experience I had with Louise.

It is so clear that Louise really knows her stuff and if you're someone who is passionate about skincare, or you want to meet someone who is, this is the place to go as both Louise and Hayley live and breathe skincare. If you've got concerns about your skin, I would wholeheartedly recommend popping in for a facial; no guarantees you'll get an appointment any time soon though, I understand they are super busy. Although that's annoying, it can only be a good thing...

This week also saw Valentine's Day 2017. Harvey and I were both still feeling a little subdued after last week, so we kept it simple and had the classic Valentine's steak dinner we all know and love. It was lovely though and I'm so glad that weekly vlogging means I'll get to look back on it forever.

And finally, always remember they're follicles, not pores ladies...


 * I received a facial free of charge at the event above, but was in no way obliged to give a good review, let alone any review at all. All opinions are my own, honest opinions.


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