I'm sure you've heard it all before. New Year, new me, time to turn over a new leaf. 

I'm guilty of making resolutions on an annual basis, staying motivated throughout January, and giving up shortly thereafter. After 2016 was such a write off, I'm determined that 2017 will be different, and I've therefore tried to keep my resolutions straightforward this year. 

Drink 2l of water daily
This was a resolution I made last year, and for once one I managed to keep. You might think that has become somewhat of a habit, and I suppose is not really capable of being another resolution. However, towards the end of the year, my water intake dwindled a little, as I replaced it with prosecco and mulled wine tea. Hence, it is a resolution of mine again this year and one I seriously intend to keep, as I notice such a difference when I don't. 

More self-love
(Not in that way, those of you with dirty minds.) This year, I just want to look after myself a bit better. I want to be a proper girl, and pamper myself from time to time and invest in decent skincare and beauty products. I want to doubt and criticise myself less, as this is something I've struggled with this year, and I want to acknowledge and document my own achievements more. 

Change my life(style)
I have let things (myself) go in a big way this year. To look at me, you probably wouldn't think I was overweight, but my body shape has really changed this year and I've not been comfortable with it at any point. So in 2017, I want to exercise more and eat better; less trips to the vending machine at work, less alcohol during the week 'just because', and I want to develop a real passion for healthy eating. I can't do anything about the fact that I now have hips, but I can change the rest. 

Make and document more memories
In 2016, I feel like I spent a lot of money on things. Obviously I have no complaints about that because I now own a lot of lovely things, but I'd like to be a little less materialistic in 2017 and spend my money on experiences and making memories instead. 

I recently bought an Instax Mini and I am already loving it.  I've taken so many photos of family and friends over the christmas period, and I've decided that I want to continue taking miniature polaroid photos and make a scrapbook of the year so that I can look back in years and years to come. 

I've also decided to start filming 1 second every day, using the app of the same name. I think this is a really lovely idea and a really straightforward way to capture a little snapshot of the year. If you're looking for a really easy way to remember your year in a format you'll actually look back on, this could well be the perfect app. 

And finally, the big one. I'm a huge, huge fan of watching weekly vlogs. My particular favourites to watch are Lizzy Hadfield's weekly vlogs, and so this year I've decided I'd like to do the same. My life is quite uninteresting and I work 9-5, so if you're going to watch, please expect nothing groundbreaking on a daily basis. There might be the odd interesting event, but I wouldn't hold your breath!

Read 1 book a month
This needs very little explanation. I used to love reading, and recently I've found myself thinking that I just don't have time to read anymore, which is of course a ridiculous notion. So in 2017, I'm going to make time to read, and as a target, I'm hoping to read at least 1 book a month. If you've got any recommendations, send them my way! 

And finally, this is not so much of a resolution, but this year I'd really love to travel the UK some more. There are some beautiful places in in the UK, but I feel as though I've barely left this fine city since I moved here, except to travel back to Essex to visit family.  First stop: Bath. 

Happy New Year!! 



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