The best night's sleep you'll ever have...

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely team at My Panda Life offered to send me one of their Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo pillows to try out. It probably doesn't take a genius to work out what my impressions of the pillow have been, but if you're interested in the finer points, please keep reading! 

Prior to receiving the My Panda Life pillow, I'd never tried a memory foam pillow. I'm a dedicated memory foam mattress kind of girl, but I've always been one for the standard sort of pillow; not fussy about the contents, as long as the pillow is nice and flat. 

I have to be honest, my first impressions of the item were very mixed. Whilst I loved the design of the pillow (how cute is that little panda?!) and the packaging, I was slightly apprehensive to note that the pillow seemed quite thick. Don't get me wrong, I know that this pillow is not overly thick by normal standards, but as a flat pillow/no pillow sort of person, I wasn't sure what to expect. 

Thankfully, I was very very surprised. The wonderful thing about memory foam, which I had temporarily forgotten, is that it moulds to the shape of your body, or in this case your head, which means that your head sinks into the pillow, and the pillow adapts. And boy is it comfortable. Admittedly, I found it a strange sensation at first, but I think the same can be said for anything like this; when you're so used to sleeping in a certain way every single night, you really do notice the slightest change. 

All in all, I've found it to be a very positive experience. I've not gone back to my old pillows, nor have I even considered it, and Harvey is also a fan, which has surprised me. I'm actually thinking about buying one for him, and if you're stuck for a Christmas present for someone who struggles to sleep, or constantly suffers from an aching or stiff neck, this could be the perfect solution, as it is incredibly supportive. 

When the company first contacted me, I did a little research, and whilst I've not tried it myself, others have recommended using the pillow upright as a back rest. As I'm writing this blog post, next week Harvey and I are redecorating our bedroom, and have bought a new bed; we've been sleeping with our mattress on the floor for several months now, so it will be nice to have a headboard to lean on, and I'll definitely be trying the pillow in this way - if you'd like to know what's it like, let me know! 

If you're considering giving a memory foam pillow a go, I would wholeheartedly recommend trying this one out. My Panda Life have an amazing 10 year guarantee as well as a 30 day trial/returns policy so if it's not for you, you can just return it for a refund. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, I would advise that you give this pillow a good week (two if possible!) to properly try it out before returning it, as I did notice a difference after about 1 week. 

4 weeks in, and the pillow is still bouncing back and I've been sleeping like a log. If you are interested in giving it a go, I have a discount code, which is LSS10, so if you head over to the website here and use this code, you'll receive 10% off of the purchase price - sounds like a win win to me! 

I really have loved using this pillow, and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at My Panda Life for sending it to me! 

Thank you for reading, as always. 


(I was offered this product for free in exchange for an honest review; I am in no way obligated to give a good review, I just really bloody liked it!)



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