A couple of weeks ago, as I was sauntering past Marks and Spencer's, this dress caught my eye in the shop window. I stood and looked at it for about a minute I guess, but decided it wasn't for me. I'm not really into florals at all, and don't have much experience with midi length clothing, so at £39.50, I decided it was a bit too much of a gamble - coward.

Fast forward to mid-September, and I was shopping with my mum when she asked to pop into Marks and Spencer. I literally hadn't been able to stop thinking about the dress since I'd first seen it, and had even toyed with the idea of buying it online several times. As it had been my birthday, and I'd been gifted some birthday money, I thought 'why the heck not?' and I bought the dress.

As someone trying to be a bit more frugal with money, I was thinking about the different ways to style the dress up, and so I thought I'd try and find 3 different ways to style it, as I'd previously done with another M&S item (click here for blog post!). I think it's been successful, but I guess I should let you judge that for yourself...


When you're in the not too cold stages of early Autumn it's nice to be able to get your legs out. I am a huge wimp, so ordinarily this is a no go for me, but given the length of this dress, I figured it wasn't going to be too draughty. For this look, I've just styled the dress with a white t-shirt underneath it, and a choker for a bit more of a 90's vibe. You can see I've paired the look with trainers and a casual midi length cardigan, but you could easily dress this up with some simple flats or sandals for a slightly less casual look.


Probably the simplest of all of the looks. Literally just this gorgeous dress, a choker and a pair of heels. What more could a girl want?! Apart from a bag and the leather jacket of course, no one wants to be freezing cold whilst waiting for a taxi...


I am a big wearer of polo necks, so the more outfits involving them the better for me. This is my favourite of all three looks, as it's so simple. The fact that the floral pattern is so dark means that this works perfectly with the black polo neck I've teamed with it, and could also be worn with or without tights and these ankle boots (which I adore, by the way). I'm tempted to also buy a mustard yellow polo neck, or to try it on with the burnt orange polo neck I already own, as I think this would accentuate those colours within the floral pattern.

And there we have it. One statement dress three ways. I'm so pleased I decided to buy this dress, I feel like it's one of those purchases I would forever have regretted not making. And when you consider how versatile the dress actually is, it's a total bargain as the cost per wear will eventually be minimal.

Thank you for reading!!


(P.S. It just struck me that you could also wear this dress in winter, with a pair of thicker tights, and an oversized jumper over the top. Sadly I don't have an appropriate jumper to photograph with this dress, so let's just call that a work in progress..!)

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