On 12 September, I was lucky enough to spend the day with Harvey, my mum, my stepdad, my sister and her boyfriend, Matt. It was actually pretty much the perfect day! 

I started the day by taking my mum's dogs for a walk on Sheringham Beach, which was surprisingly lovely; I'd been under the illusion that Sheringham was a mostly stony beach, but at low tide, there is so much perfect sand! Not on the same scale as Wells-Next-To-The-Sea, but sandy all the same. 

After the walk we went for a late lunch at Warwick St Social, which is a beautiful little eatery hidden away in the residential streets of Norwich's Golden Triangle. The food there is so perfectly presented, it almost seems like a crime to eat! If you go on a Monday, and sign up to receive the newsletter/join the club, you can receive 50% off of your food*, which is absolutely crazy! 

After lunch we just returned to mine and Harvey's house, as the weather was gorgeous, and spent the evening relaxing on the sofas and enjoying the last of the summer. We ended the evening by eating cake around the fire pit, which is quite literally my idea of a perfect evening. 

I had absolutely the best day, so to anyone who contributed to that, be that by buying me one of the many amazing presents in the video below, sending me a card, or actually being there on the day, THANK YOU. You are the people who make life as wonderful as it is. 

If you're reading this, I hope you also like the video! Please know that I haven't made this video to brag, I just love watching these types of videos to get inspiration for buying gifts for other people (or myself!) and I thought I would add to the videos available on YouTube - gotta keep it current after all! 

I filmed a short blog on the actual day of my birthday, but I haven't quite gotten round to editing that just yet, but rest assured that it is on its' way, so you can for yourself how gorgeous the food at Warwick St Social is. 

Thank you for the support! 


*excluding the rump steak I think!

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