Harvey's favourite bake to date, and to some extent, mine too. 

With chocolate desserts, you generally know what you're getting, and this recipe did not disappoint. I used none other than Mary Berry's own recipe, plucked from the BBC Food website, and with only 6 ingredients and a certain amount of elbow grease required, this really is a pretty straightforward recipe to make. 

Next time Harvey and I host a dinner party, I'll definitely be considering making this for the final course, which says a lot! 


I really enjoyed baking this week. I've been wanting to bake something involving chocolate ever since I started the challenge, and so I needed very little convincing when I sat down to watch this challenge on the show last week, much to Harvey's enjoyment. 

There were several things that surprised me about this recipe. If you've had a look at the recipe, you'll note that there is no flour and no butter needed; the fact that there's no flour in the cake, and that you whisk egg whites until they form stiff peaks means that the roulade is beautifully light, which is juxtaposed perfectly with the heaviness of the whipped cream. 

I was also shocked at the advice given within the recipe for rolling the roulade. I remember watching similar challenges over the years, with various amateur bakers taking a different approach. To cool or not to cool? To cut or not to cut? So very many questions, and so very many ways to make a mistake. If you're wondering, Mary's official line, according to the recipe linked above, is to allow the roulade to cool in the tin, and then once you've turned the sponge out on a flat surface (with much difficulty, I might add!) to cut halfway into the sponge to assist with the initial roll. I did my cut about an inch away from the edge of the sponge, and I wonder if I should have made that cut closer to the edge - would that have provided me with the currently illusive swirl?

I think quite clearly I did not fulfil the criteria for a clean swirl; my chocolate roulade seems to have collapsed during the rolling process. I actually think that could also have been because I was too cautious when I rolled the sponge, and should have just gone with it with more gusto - what a strange word! - and it would've been more successful. If I ever try and make a roulade again, I'll be sure to remember that. 

All in all, I'm very proud of my bake this week. Yes the sponge has cracked, and yes the swirl is more like an Egyptian Pyramid than a Swiss Roll, but it tastes great. It's by no means the healthy option; there's chocolate, there's two types of sugar, and there's cream, but what is life without a little indulgence from time to time? I know I'm guilty of indulging more often than I perhaps should do, but if I could recommend just one indulgent recipe to try, this is the one. 

Thank you for reading, as always, 


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