Now, I don't hold myself out to be a big beauty blogger. In fact, I feel like a bit of a fraud calling myself a beauty blogger, as I'm not particularly knowledgeable, nor particularly skilful when it comes to makeup, or skincare. But apparently I am a fan of buying makeup and skincare, so I thought I'd review a couple of the best beauty items I've bought this month, in case you were thinking of giving some a go!!

I have been a big fan of the formula of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks for a very long time, since I received Glastonberry as a Christmas present from Harvey about 2 years ago (amazing gift idea!). When I saw that a new Hot Lips collection was bring brought out, I was stupidly excited to try the new formula, especially when I learned that Charlotte Tilbury was being launched in Jarrolds in Norwich.

After the launch, I popped in and bought Super Cindy, the shade inspired by Cindy Crawford and one of my favourite shades from the collection. Having been a long time lover of a red/dark lip, I fancied buying something nude, and this did not disappoint. The formula of this lipstick is the same as the Matte Revolution range and is therefore so creamy and comfortable to wear. I'm pleased to note that Charlotte Tilbury has retained the rectangular shaped bullet which makes application super easy, and has added an engraving of a set of lips on the bullet, which is a beautiful touch.

Super Cindy is my perfect 'your lips but better' shade, and if you've seen me sporting a nude (non-matte) lip at all this month, it's likely to have been this lipstick! At £23 it's slightly pricier than I would usually spend on a nude lip, but it has been 100% worth it, and I'm already eyeing up my next shade...

Newest product on my favourites this month, and unsurprisingly, the one I've used least. As I have oily skin (in parts) I've always used clay masks, and so I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. I'd heard a lot about the new trio of face masks that L'Oreal has brought out, designed to target specific areas of your face. Unfortunately, when I went into my local Boots store, the Purity mask, which is the mask for oily skin, was out of stock so instead I bought the Detox mask.

This mask is so smooth, and applies so nicely, which I am a big fan of. What really attracted me to this mask is the fact that it contains charcoal which helps draw out impurities, and that is something I particularly look for. If you don't like face masks which make your face feel super tight once they start to dry, I'd probably advise that you wouldn't like this face mask, but as I really like that, it's a win win for me. Especially when you consider how amazing it smells, it's literally like being in a spa, except you can indulge from the comfort of your own home!!

This was on sale at an introductory price of £5 when I bought the mask, so it was an absolute bargain! Even at full price (£7.99), I'd definitely recommend trying these masks, and I'm thinking about buying the Purity mask so I can use both at the same time as you're supposed to!

A nod to the changing seasons here. As above, I've always been a dark/red lip lover, and this was a shade I had my eye on as soon as I saw the collection, but had never been able to get my hands on before as the Mac counter at my local beauty department was always out of stock.

When I bought this shade, I was actually about to attend an event and realised I was slightly underdressed and in need of a way to quickly dress my outfit up a little! The perfect way to take an outfit from day to night, and the perfect excuse to buy a lipstick I'd had my eye on for some time!

Since buying this liquid lipstick, I have been wearing it whenever I've felt like I've needed a pick me up, as this is such a feel good shade. Also, on days when it's been feeling slightly Autumnal, I've been using this lipstick in effort to embrace the new season, and to stop myself from buying everything Autumn-appropriate that I see in the shops! I swear I could have filled an entire wardrobe already...

As with all liquid lipsticks, this formula does have a tendency to flake over time, which can be frustrating (and inconvenient!) but as the colour is super opaque and super matte, I'm willing to forgive that, just need to remember to take the lipstick to top up with through the night!

And finally, the pick of the bunch for me this month, a new foundation. I've been wearing a foundation from The Body Shop for at least 2 years now, and just lately, I've been noticing a lot of shine and have started to feel like my foundation just wasn't applying properly. Perhaps the formula has been changed, or perhaps my skin has changed, but I felt like it was the right time to change.

Having tried the new Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation and being disappointed with the results, I decided to revert to the drug store, inspired by a Ruth Crilly video I'd seen on youtube. This foundation came highly recommended, and having used it for the past month, I can see why! The coverage this foundation provides is absolutely amazing, and when applied with a beauty blender, the finish really is flawless. At only £12.99, I think this product is so worth the money, and outperforms some of the more high end foundations I've tried in the past.

As a 3 in 1 product, the foundation both primes and reacts to external factors over time, all whilst maintaining a high coverage, matte finish due to the oil absorbent particles inside. I currently spend a lot of time working out of an office which is obscenely hot, even in winter, and this foundation has managed to stand the all day test, allowing me to finish at 17:30 with just a little hint of sheen on my T-zone.

If this product is not yet part of your makeup collection, what are you waiting for? Get out there and give it a try!!

So those are my best beauty buys of September (and August!). I'm excited to see what October holds for beauty - maybe see you again next month with a similar blog post!

Laura xx


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