It's not a well kept secret that I absolutely adore food. So when I received my invitation to the press preview dinner for the new Turtle Bay restaurant which is opening in Norwich on 30 August 2016, I was thrilled, to say the least. 

I have been a lover of spicy food for a long time, but rarely go out for a curry or anything spicy, as Harvey can't tolerate spicy food much, if at all. As a consequence, my experience of spicy food is somewhat limited, and Caribbean food was something I'd certainly never tried before. I now know that I absolutely love it, and I really want to go back to Turtle Bay and try more. 

When we first arrived, cocktails and light bites were on the menu. I opted to try the Raspberry Reggae, which I would highly recommend, and picked up some sweet potato fries. A little while later,  and after a small presentation about the concept of the restaurants (the Reggae) and about the drinks (the Rum), we headed to our tables to sample some of the food (the Jerk). 

Here's what we ate: 

Beach Food Platter (Jerk Chicken Wings, Sweetcorn Fritters, Garlic 'N' Herb Flatbread, Hot Hot Pepper Roti)

Our Curry Goat (served with rice and dumplings) and Jerk Chicken

Dark Chocolate Brownie, Banana and Toffee Cheesecake, Caymanas Rum Cake, Rum and Raisin Bread Pudding and Zesty Lemon and Lime Tart. 

(I had to look at the menu on the website to work out what it was we had for dessert - you'll notice that I got some of the desserts totally wrong in the vlog, but it was so loud in the restaurant it was pretty impossible to hear what the server was saying!) 

I'd like to point out that I didn't eat all of this food myself; as much as I would have liked to, I think I'd have struggled with the sheer amount of it all! I spent the evening in great company with Laura and her husband Scott, and we were later joined by Holly and her boyfriend Jamie. 

After plenty of food, and several cocktails, it was time to head home. I vlogged the entire evening, so if you want to see for yourself what Turtle Bay looks like inside, please have a watch of the video below! 

Have you booked a table yet? 

Laura xx 


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