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The pale girl's dream makeup product. 

Finding the perfect foundation is tricky for anyone, let alone for people as pale as I am! First you've got to find a formula which actually works for your skin type, and then you've got to match it to your skin tone, or face looking like something which closely resembles a Halloween cake pop. 

I have combination skin, and I've tried so many different foundations, but the only one that really works for me is the Body Shop Moisture Foundation. I popped into store recently as I'd run out, and noticed the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops on the shelf. Now I have no idea when these came out; if there was a launch, it completely passed me by!! 

I've been starting to fake tan recently, in the vain hope that English weather will afford me the opportunity to wear some summer clothes. I love being fake tanned, but it does present an obvious problem for a girl like me. When your foundation is so pale, and you don't fake tan your face, what makeup do you wear?? 

Obvious answer, I guess, is to buy a darker foundation in the same formula. But when your fake tan starts fading, or if you decide to go darker/get a natural gradual tan, you'd end up in the same scenario! Enter, the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops. 

What a revelation. And really so simple.

I apply my foundation using a beauty blender, so whenever I use this, I just pump the normal amount of foundation on to the beauty blender, add one or two drops of the product, and then blend the two colours on my face. I've tried blending on the back of my hand, but blending on your face is by far the best way to minimise waste. 

And really, that is all there is to say! This genuinely is just a great product - it doesn't alter the formula of the foundation, is very affordable (£10), and once you get to grips with how much of the product to add, you can even use it for contouring! 

Have you used this product, or the lightening drops? I'd love to know what you think, so leave me a comment!! 

Thanks for reading! 

Laura xoxo


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