A couple of weeks ago (maybe a month or so!), my lovely friend Sarah, from Advanced Beauty, offered to send me a nail polish to try, from a brand she's currently working with. Deborah Lippmann is slightly out of my ordinary price range (RRP £16), is pretty difficult to get hold of in Norwich, and is not a brand I'd ever tried before, so I jumped at the chance to give it a try.

I've undergone a bit of a shift of mindset lately, in that I'm starting to feel like I should be investing in good beauty and makeup products, as you only get one face and I want to take care of mine. Now, I know that nail polish isn't to be applied to my face, but I am so over applying cheap nail polish and noticing that it's chipped 2 hours later. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I recently invested in three Nails Inc polishes, so I'm sure you can imagine what effect the Deborah Lippmann polish had on me.

A couple of days later, I received my nail polish in the post. I actually didn't know what colour Sarah was going to send, so when I opened the parcel I was very pleasantly surprised! All I'd asked was that she send a light coloured polish, in a very vain attempt to make my usually translucent skin look slightly more tanned; will leave it up to you to decide whether this worked or not!

DISCLAIMER: I have awful nails!!

As you'd expect, I painted my nails as soon as I received the polish, but because my nails are in such awful condition and they were so short at the time, it just didn't go too well, and certainly didn't look pretty enough to photograph for the blog! I decided to wait a little while to try and grow my nails. Experience should have told me at this point that it would be totally futile, but I gave it a good try nonetheless! (I later spoke to Sarah about the issues I have with my nails and she has now recommended some products for me to try, so fingers crossed that peeling nails are a thing of the past and if you've any beauty queries, you should definitely get in touch!)

Instead of waiting for my nails to grow, I bought some false nails from Boots; I've never had nails long enough to achieve a stiletto shape, so I bought the Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto nails, and attached them to my nails using the Elegant Touch Super Adhesive Tabs as I didn't want to use glue and be stuck with impossibly long nails for too long! 

So this was all well and good, false nails stuck to my real nails, great success; apart from it being completely impossible to do anything at all, I was very pleased. Seriously, girls with long nails, how do you do it?!!! I could barely feed myself to begin with, let alone write this blog post - I still managed to help myself to a glass of Prosecco, however... #PRIORITIES. Needless to say, I filed the nails down pretty quickly.

Finally, I got to properly try out Sarah Smile, and WOW, what a gorgeous polish. The formula itself is simply incredible - the polish applied to my nails like an absolute dream and was so so quick to dry; there was no waiting around looking like an idiot, waving my hands around in the air like I usually have to do! Having to wait for my nails to dry is one of those things I just can't stand, so if you're the same, this is 100% the brand for you, I literally couldn't believe how fast it dried! 

As for the colour, it is (as you can see) the perfect pale pink shade; it's part of the Deborah Lippmann celebrity series and was designed in conjunction with Sarah Jessica Parker. I did find that I had to apply several coats of polish to get a truly opaque finish, but I think that's the case with any light shade of polish, and it certainly didn't detract from the overall experience. As it dries so fast, it still took a lot less time than the polishes I'm used to using.

Once I'd applied a couple of coats, the colour was exactly how I'd hoped it would be and lasted for days and days without chipping! (I even managed to spend an entire day laying a patio, and I didn't get a single chip.) 

One final thing I love about this polish is the packaging. It really makes me think of Parisienne interior design and perfume bottles, and I can imagine this would look gorgeous placed on the top of a super elaborate dressing table, next to a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle or something equally as chic. Possibly gone a little overboard on that description, but you get the general idea...

All in all, this is a product I would ten out of ten recommend. I definitely want to invest in some other Deborah Lippmann polishes, and I've currently got my eye on the Sweets For My Sweet set, which is a limited edition range of six beautiful pastel shades which I think will be perfect for summer. The bottles are smaller than the full-size version, and it retails at £27.00, but when you consider that you're getting six superior quality polishes for £4.50 each, it really doesn't seem that expensive!

L xxx 

P.S. If you want to learn more, Sarah will be on QVC on 19th July! Definitely check it out! 


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