Since the last Spring lust list went live, I've purchased the Adidas Superstars, and found myself in that all-too-familiar position where I felt like I had nothing to wear with them! It was always my plan to prepare several separate Spring lust lists posts, however, this post seems to have ended up comprising just lots of clothes I plan to buy and wear with the trainers...
Starting with something a little different for me, I found this jumpsuit on ASOS. For years and years now I've been wearing only tight skinny jeans, and cigarette pants, so this is a completely different ball game, although I'm sure will be a welcome change come summertime, as the office I work in will quickly become like a sauna as the season changes. I really love the v-detail on the waistline which you can only just make out from the photos, and I think this would be quite a versatile item, as you could dress it up with some simple high heels and a coat of lipstick, instead of wearing it with trainers as in the photos. My only qualm with this is that it's a jumpsuit, and therefore presents the standard set of issues that come with wearing a jumpsuit/playsuit; I don't know that there's a solution to this, other than not wearing jumpsuits and playsuits, so for the time being I guess I'll just have to suck it up!
ZARA £29.99
I've been looking for a little black bomber jacket for a little while now. I went to Birmingham over Easter weekend, and found a gorgeous embroidered satin number from Zara, but it's not on the website so I'm assuming it's out of stock! Anyway whilst I was browsing for that on the website, I came across this jacket which I really like because of its simplicity. I've seen multiple variations of the bomber jacket lately, however they all seem to be covered in zips, made of highly shiny satin, or well out of my price range. I haven't actually tried this one on, so I've no idea what the fit is like, but I'm sure I'll find out soon enough.
ZARA £29.99
Sticking with Zara, I happened upon these adorable embroidered jeans. I've actually already bought these, so technically they shouldn't form part of a lust list, but should probably be included in a haul of some sort. However I love them so much that I just wanted to share them with you. They have the cutest rose embroidered just below the bum, and the words 'love' and 'always' embroidered on the ankles. Not my usual style, but I really liked them, so why not!
ASOS £60.00
I'm loving these wide leg trousers from ASOS; the brand is actually ADPT, which I've never heard of before, but I really also like everything else they have listed on the ASOS website, especially the top also shown in the photos. The brand seems to have a reasonably low price point, which is obviously great news for the likes of myself, but I've no idea what the quality is like. 
ASOS £30.00
I think this shirt from Monki would be a great addition to my wardrobe, and would look perfect with the trousers above, or with a pair of high waisted culottes when I'm brave enough to get my ankles out. I really like the zip fastening down the front of the shirt, especially as it has a ring pull so absolves the need to wear a necklace. I don't currently own a cropped shirt, so keep an eye out, as this might be appearing in a post sometime soon... On a side note, how amazing is this model's hair?! 
ZARA £17.99
I also came across this dress when I was looking through the ZARA website to find that floral embroidered bomber jacket. I have to confess it's not something I thought I would be including in this list, however I actually think it's a great transitional piece which could be worn with tights or without tights. I'm thinking about buying this dress, as it's quite a classic style, and it would look good either some cute flats, or maybe with the Adidas Superstars from the previous list. Lots of options for spring wear!!

TOPSHOP £32.00
And finally, to bring an end to the non-intentional, slightly monochromatic nature of this Spring lust list, is this colour block tee from Topshop. I am a huge fan of the colour yellow, but I realise that it's not always the most flattering of colours when you're drowning in it, so what's great about this tee is that although a large part of it is yellow, it's only on the reverse side, so it's super subtle... right? I'll leave you to make your own minds up on that one, but I'm sold on this piece - again you could dress it up, or dress it down, which is always a bonus. 

L xx


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