Last weekend was my lovely mother's birthday, and also the day on which she collected her new puppy, Fleur! My mum is presently obsessed with French Bulldogs, and is now the proud owner of her third, having collected Fleur from Kings Lynn last Sunday.

On the way back from Kings Lynn, my mum, stepdad and sister made a flying visit to Harvey and I in Norwich, where we had a small buffet lunch with Harvey's parents. It was a very small affair, over too soon, but it was lovely all the same, and Fleur is absolutely the cutest thing on earth.

I had a go at filming a vlog of the day, so I won't say much else, but I was heavily distracted by the puppy, as I'm sure you'll see if you watch the video! I'm still trying to convince Harvey to let us get a French Bulldog...

Laura xx

P.S. I'd just like to say a huge thank you to my Grandad for the dishwasher, as I know he'll be reading this!! Of course, it worked an absolute treat.


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