After what feels like an eternity of cold, grey winter days, we are finally in Spring, and I am honestly so excited! As is pretty much a right of passage when the seasons change, I've been scouring the internet and eyeing up a few pieces that I'll be hoping to purchase in the next couple of weeks months.
I am a huge shoe fanatic, since my days working at Dune London, and I have already got my eye on a couple of pairs of shoes to carry me through Spring and into Summer. I love that time of year when I can finally resign my winter boots to the back of the wardrobe, and start wearing the type of shoes unsuitable for rainy days. The days are getting longer, and the rain seems to be rearing its ugly head less and less, so I'm thinking that time of year is fast approaching.
I'm particularly keen to get my hands on these trainers from Adidas. I've seen them around a lot lately, as well as the Stan Smith variety, and although I've never been a casual shoe wearer, I fancy giving them a go as they're such a versatile item and will look great with so many things. Plus, very comfortable I'm willing to bet!

ADIDAS £70.00
I'm also having a bit of a love-in with these flats from Topshop. Again, I've never really been much of a fan of khaki, nor of peep toe shoes, but there's something about these I just really like the look of. I'm not convinced by the jeans Topshop have paired with the shoes in the photo, but I think they'll look great with black jeans, or with cute little summer dresses/skirts and shorts when we come to Summer. These are 100% leather, and a total bargain at £32, so as soon as they come into stock in this colour in my local store, it's safe to say I'll be giving them a try!
TOPSHOP £32.00

From ASOS, I am currently loving these slip on mule sandals, although I cannot for the life of me decide which colour to get! From the photos alone, I'm leaning towards the tan version, however when I watched the catwalk on the website, I found myself wanting the black version; any comments or opinions would be much appreciated as I really can't decide! These are also a bargain, however they aren't leather so I wonder how comfortable they'd actually be, and whether the straps would stretch at all.

ASOS £30.00

And finally, heeled shoes! Now I have to confess that I'm not a huge wearer of heels, because I'm 6ft or thereabouts, and me wearing heels has the tendency to make everyone look (and probably feel) about 5ft tall! However, I absolutely love heeled shoes, and am finding these Venus Stud Sandals from Topshop absolutely dreamy. These are real leather, and I love the stud detailing; brown isn't normally a colour I'd go for, but I'm naturally very pale, and I've found that brown and tan are much more flattering colours on pale skin than a pair of black sandals. I also really like that these fasten with a buckle and have several straps across the front so your feet are much more secure and you're more likely to avoid that situation where your toes end up hanging off of the front of the shoes.
TOPSHOP £52.00

So that's my Spring shoe lust list, well, some of it...! But if I was to sit and include every single pair of shoes I'm currently lusting over, we'd all be here for a very long time.

L xxx
P.S. I'm a size 6/39.. ;) 

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