01.09.2015 was quite possible the biggest day of my life, as it was the day that Harvey and I officially became first time buyers, and the owners of a lovely little house that Harvey had first spotted many many months earlier.

It's a three bedroom, detached house with a garage, and very generously proportioned rooms and garden. To us, it's perfect, and the start of our adult lives together.

Although the decoration was not to our tastes, and everywhere needed a little clean, the house was ready to move straight into, which we duly did, just hours after we picked up the keys! Having hired a van, and with the help of Harvey's friends and family we moved in.

As is the tradition in Harvey's family, the first meal was fish and chips, enjoyed from the comfort of our living room floor/window sill/crates, as the sofa had not been due to arrive for several days. Harvey's brother and his girlfriend had bought us some crates as a house warming gift - never again will I underestimate how many uses there are for these things (chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, etc...) !

As i've already mentioned, the decoration is not to our tastes and one of the first rooms we wanted to decorate was the lounge. As you can see from the panoramic photo, it wasn't hideous, but we are both huge fans of Scandinavian decor and so the wallpaper had to go as the priority. I plan to blog about each of the rooms in the house, and do a before and after sort of thing, as it would be nice to look back on, and may be vaguely interesting to anyone else reading this.

Dinner! (and crates as seats)
We got our keys on the Tuesday, and had a few very busy days, including a road trip to IKEA and Essex in a van and culminating in a house warming party on the Friday night, where we were presented with a huge BBQ from all of our friends, genuinely such a huge surprise! Thankfully the weather had been awful on that day, as the plan had been to have a housewarming BBQ, and we would obviously have bought a BBQ already if the weather had been nicer! BBQ weather is quite clearly over now in Norwich, and so the BBQ remained in its box, where it will now stay in the garage until next summer! 

Crates as dining tables! (And our first dinner guests)

At some stage in between moving in and the housewarming party, our sofa arrived. We'd initially ordered one from Argos (BIG MISTAKE) but following a phone call informing us that there had been a delay and we would therefore not receive the sofa until several weeks after the planned date (which was about 6 weeks after we originally ordered the sofa by the way) we decided to cancel and ordered one from John Lewis instead. I'm pleased to say this was possibly one of the best things which could have happened as the John Lewis sofa is much nicer, arrived within a week, and the service was 10x better, of course.

Crates as coffee tables...
 On that note, I ought to end this post. I think I could write forever about moving into the house, it was honestly the best week of my life, despite getting very irritated at the lack of organisation to begin with!

Next home post: decorating the living room

Laura xx

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