I LOVE AUTUMN. But then again, who doesn't?!

There's just something about this time of year, when all the leaves start to turn golden brown, and the weather changes, so it's cold but not yet so freezing cold so you have to wrap up in every warm piece of clothing you physically own. Generally, I hate being cold; but there is nothing better than when you step out of the house on those crisp autumn mornings, feeling incredibly smug as you're sporting your new chunky knitwear, oversized coat and statement boots and are therefore suitably toasty.

You'll have noticed that I've used the word 'new' just then. It's not that I'm saying you must go out and purchase a brand new wardrobe for the new season, but that I naturally find myself spending more money on clothes at this time of year, presumably because I'm in love with the autumnal colours, or that I'm subconsciously freaking out about the impending reduction in the amount of heat being provided by the sun. As I'm sure you'll know, I've just bought a house. House = mortgage + bills = less money to spend on clothes. If I didn't have a mortgage to pay, here's some of the things I'd be buying:

ZARA 79.99

There's just something I adore about the colour of this little number.

ASOS 42.00

Slouchy grey jumpers are the way forward.

Topshop 36.00

Who doesn't love an A-line skirt? Thick black tights required

MULBERRY 1800.00

Collective intake of breath; but simply amazing.

NEW LOOK @ ASOS  24.99

Actually cheaper to buy from ASOS than NEW LOOK...

ZARA 29.99

Just a classic black flat; silver hardware.

Bring on the cold. XXXX


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