THOUGHTS: 28.09.2015

It’s Monday morning, and once again I find myself sat on the train from Chelmsford to Norwich, table to myself, having visited my mum and stepdad, and their ever-expanding menagerie. It’s sunny, and I’ve even managed to put my suitcase on the shelf above the seats, which is unusual for me; it normally takes pride of place in the seat next to me, even on a packed out train - guilty as charged... 

Darcy & Harley

I love this journey (both ways). There’s something about taking the train, and watching the world whizz by from the comfort of a very well-loved, and probably dirty seat, which I find strangely calming. It’s not very often that I manage to find the time to sit and just relax, uninterrupted by the temptations of the modern world - I’m a big fan of TV, and my current Pretty Little Liars addiction really does not increase my productivity or encourage me to take some time away from the internet - so it’s great to take the train, where you have to either pay for WIFI, cope with the intermittent 3G or accept that you will be without internet for the duration, approximately 90 minutes on this journey. In fact, it is one of the only places I feel truly productive, and I’ve lost count of the number of blog posts, or pieces of writing I’ve drafted on the train, and promptly forgotten about as soon as the train pulls into Norwich or Chelmsford train station. 

As always, I’ve had a lovely weekend. I love the time I spend at home with my mum; we have come to be so close in the past few years (since I’ve grown up a bit I think!) and I feel so lucky, it’s like going to visit a best friend. My teenage years were not so wonderful, we clashed heads during one particularly significant life-event, but thankfully that is all in the past, and ordinarily remains buried. 

My mum bought the sweetest little puppy last weekend, a female French Bulldog named Harley, and this was the first opportunity I’ve had to go and meet her. She is a blue brindle, and as with all puppies, she is adorable, with butter-wouldn’t-melt eyes, and that gorgeous puppy smell you’ll know all about if you’re a dog person. 75% of the time she is a total terror. Already wild and very feisty, she thinks nothing of attacking a) the cat b) Lola, a fully grown Frenchie who is incredibly rough with her and c) Darcy, a highly strung Boxer dog whose flighty personality puts even me on edge sometimes, and I’ve known her since she was a pup!!! 

It is always with a heavy heart that I leave Chelmsford, made so much harder this morning by Harley’s constant need for attention and general cuteness. In an ideal world, I’d find a way to earn or win a significant amount of money, enough to buy/help my mum and stepdad to buy a house in Norwich. I love the idea that she could just pop in for a cup of tea and we could have a nice long natter about nothing particularly important. 

On this occasion, I am excited - my head is full of ideas. I want to start a blog (properly) because I love writing and I love reading other blogs. I want to go to work, and have a really productive day,  because I am one of the lucky few who love my job, and think I’m fairly good at it, and let’s be honest, it’s always nice to do something you’re good at. I want to finish work this afternoon and get home ASAP - Harvey and I have just bought our first home, and I am reliably informed that the lounge is almost completely decorated, with the exception of the door frames and skirting boards. This is a big step - we moved in at the start of September, and it’s taken us this long to finish one room. All that will be left to do, is erect some shelves, buy some artwork and buy some plants - I’m really into the trend for succulents at the moment, so will probably be something along those lines, and a big green leafy number. 

I’m really going to try and get into blogging properly from now on. I’m 23, have just bought my first house with the man I am in a long-term relationship with, am doing well in my job, and I’d like another challenge, which I could continue doing even after the house is decorated. I’d like to create something I can look back on in years to come, be reminded of all the memories made, and think “oh yeah, that was so much fun!”. 

Next post: our new home. 

The train is about to pull into Norwich station, so that’s me done. 

Laura xxx 


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