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(Sounds like the kind of dodgy story I'd have written in primary school!)

Anyway, Gucci loafers, and Gucci-inspired loafers are a BIG trend right now, one which I hope will continue right until it's too cold to wear flats anymore. I have always been a lover of flat shoes, and whilst the trend for 'granny' shoes is one I've only just caught on to, I could definitely jump right in there if I could afford to buy all the pairs of Gucci loafers I'm currently lusting after. 

Unfortunately, the Gucci loafers are (slightly!) out of my price range, and I doubt I'd get enough wear out of them to justify spending that money anyway as I have so many other shoes I'm wanting to wear right now. I picked up a copy of the August Glamour Magazine earlier today, inside which there is a 25% off discount code for Office. Conveniently, I saw a pair of Gucci dupes in Office last week, and I am now seriously considering buying them, with that very generous discount in mind. 

As I'm not one to just splurge at the drop of a hat (although Harvey might disagree with that statement!), I've done some research into what other brands are selling right now which are along similar lines. I'm loving Polyvore at the moment, and I thought it would be good to create a set of Gucci-dupes, just in case you're thinking of taking the plunge too. 

L xxx